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TTT-v-p_dd-dir_JdT_vp_Mark_Pres_doyenneApril 17The Student Association of the School of Management at UQAM (AéESG), which represents nearly 13,000 students, yesterday launched its ''Change Your Cup'' project in conjunction with Earth Day. The event was held in Salon G, the student café, with Earth Day Quebec director Pierre Lussier and ESG UQAM Dean Ginette Legault in attendance. By donating to sustainable development projects 10 cents for every coffee sold in a disposable cup, this innovative project will raise $16,000 this year, and will continue to do so in future years. The first major sustainability project, currently in the feasibility study stage, is the installation of a vertical garden at UQAM.


The ''Change Your Cup'' project
The brainchild of three students on the AéESG executive, Catherine Bétournay, Laura Chau Quan and Andrew Lockhead, the 'C'hange Your Cup'' project is designed to sensitize the student population to the waste of resources, to reduce the ecological footprint of the student café, and to finance green projects year after year.

" We realized that 82 % of the coffee sold at Salon G is served in a disposable cup, which amounts to 160,000 cups a year. By taking 10 cents per coffee sold, the AéESG will invest $16,000 in 2012-2013 in student sustainable development projects. Our goal is also to reduce the use of disposable cups by 10 % by April 22, 2013 ", said AéESG Vice-President for Sustainable Development, Catherine Bétournay.

ESG_UQAM-projet-TTT-Med-Res_1789Salon G's green mural
For the ecologically friendly promotion of ''Change Your Cup'', the AéESG teamed up with Albano Guy, a recent UQAM graduate in Event Design, to create a wall composed of 1,800 reclaimed paper cups.

The 1,800 cups were screwed into rows on chipboard panels. Then, 1,800 circles of various colors were glued to the bottom of each cup, following a carefully plotted design.

The mural, which measures 8 'X 16', is on display in Salon G to remind students of the Convert Your Cup project and the need to use reusable mugs. A "making of" video was produced during the creation of the mural. You can see it at  

The Student Society fosters sustainable development
In addition to encouraging responsible behaviour among management students, the AéESG would like to inspire other student cafés to adopt a sustainable development policy and finance green projects in their communities.

" We believe that the project has tremendous potential and that it could easily spread to other student cafés, as well as schools and faculties of management, throughout Quebec, Canada and elsewhere in the world," said AéESG President, Andrew Lockhead.

Social responsibility at ESG UQAM
At the UQAM School of Management, managerial accountability is an important aspect of education and has been for many years. The School is dedicated to training managers and professionals who are skilled, creative, principled, critical, socially responsible and open to the world.

" I am very proud of an accomplishment of this magnitude that will provide tens of thousands of dollars for sustainability projects supported by our students. They have demonstrated that, with 'boldness and commitment', we can accomplish great things, as the ESG motto reminds us," noted the Dean of ESG UQAM, Ginette Legault.


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