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Montreal, August 16, 2017 - Today, UQAM’s Center for Studies on Integration and Globalization (CEIM) is launching its pan-Canadian public consultations entitled «Canada: Towards a Socially Responsible Trade Policy». The objective of these public consultations is to determine what Canadians think about the relevance of certain trade measures that could be adopted by the Government of Canada.

Canada is currently in the process of reopening NAFTA, in addition to negotiating several trade agreements particularly with China and Mercosur. Even though certain social clauses have been adopted within these international instruments, their implementation remains negligible. How could such instruments become more socially responsible bringing globalization and social progress in sync?

This consultation aims to inform the public on the social dimension of international trade, leading a pan-Canadian discussion on «socially responsible» trade policy instruments, making recommendations to the Government of Canada on these issues, thus, contributing to research on global labour governance, especially through publications and networking activities with Canadian experts.

In this political context and within the framework of its research on Global Labour Governance, the public consultation process lead by the CEIM focuses on:

  • measures relating to social clauses in trade agreements;
  • social conditionality of the generalized system of preferences;
  • banning on imports of goods produced by forced labour or the worst forms of child labour.

The website allows Canadians to participate in the consultation by taking the online survey (until October 15, 2017).

It is also possible to register and attend the consultation sessions in the following five cities:

Montreal: September 14, 2017
Ottawa: September 15, 2017
Edmonton: September 20, 2017
Vancouver: September 22, 2017
Halifax: date to be announced

About the CEIM
Since 2006, the Center for Studies on Integration and Globalization (CEIM) has developed an expertise on Global Labour Governance (GLG) issues. The CEIM has benefited from several grants and contributions for its research in developing a better understanding of mechanisms reconciling globalization and improvement of workers' rights. The CEIM has also coordinated a wide number of research activities, including the following events: Round Tables on Global Labour Governance I (2006) and II (2007), Humanizing Trade I (2008), II (2009) and III (2012) and the creation of an electronic directory on GLG, an extension tool that provides a description of the main international cooperation instruments in the field of labour standards.

Michèle Rioux, Project Director and Professor in the Department of Political Science at UQAM, is available to answer questions from the media:
Phone: 514 994-8964

Sylvain Zini, project manager and coordinator
Phone: 514 987-3000, ext.8902

Maud Boisnard, communications officer
Phone: 514 466-1115


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