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Montreal, November 8, 2018 – This fall, Galerie de l’UQAM is showing the major exhibition Soulèvements, but planning is already underway for winter and spring 2019. Focusing on a variety of topics, upcoming projects at the Galerie will explore classification systems, critique controls, and experiment with alternative methodologies for creating meaning.

20181108 1 Lattente Parent 1

The large hall of the Galerie will be showcasing collective exhibitions, enabling us to present multiple points of view on the issues addressed and to generate conversations between works and artists. The winter season will kick off on January 10 with the opening of L’attente. Curated by Fabrizio Gallanti, the project brings together international and Quebec artists reflecting on the management of time in contemporary societies and the current obsession with making every moment profitable. In March, the Galerie will present works from the UQAM Art Collection in Salle des maquettes, an exhibition exploring the creative process. In May and June, Over My Black Body will come to the Galerie as part of the University’s 50th anniversary celebrations; this evolving project, curated by Eunice Bélidor and Anaïs Castro, challenges the ways in which black bodies are controlled and depicted today.

The season will also feature individual exhibitions on the work of Leila Zelli, Nans Bortuzzo and Maude Arès, showing the results of their research for the Master's in Visual and Media Arts. While Zelli reflects on the role of images in constructing our view of the other, Bortuzzo gives voice to personal information agglomerated on digital platforms, and Ares explores a precarious, fragile materiality in an installation activated by a series of performances. In April, Passage à découvert will be the annual presentation of work by graduating students in the UQAM Bachelor of Visual and Media Arts.

Finally, the Galerie’s most recent virtual project, 150 Years / 150 Works: Canadian Art as Historical Act is ongoing, while The Painting Project: A Snapshot of Painting in Canada, will end its five-year online display in November 2018.

Note that the exhibition Soulèvements, curated by Georges Didi-Huberman, will be at Galerie de l'UQAM until November 24.


20181108 1 Lattente Workers 1 







January 11 – February 23, 2019
Opening: Tuesday, January 15, 5:30 pm

Curator: Fabrizio Gallanti
Artists: Jeremy Deller, K. Deepika, A. Kameshwaran, M. Sinduja, A. Thalamuthu and K. Padmapriya, Jean-Maxime Dufresne and Virginie Laganière, Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki, Emmanuelle Léonard, Alain Parent

The exhibition L’attente is an exploration of an essential aspect of time, often a source of anxiety, which occupies a central place in our lives. Many artists have attempted to probe the nature of waiting in various ways and to capture some of its fragments. A common experience, waiting also often marks the organisation or absence of work. Combining existing works, archival documents and new creations, L’attente is a conversation and a reflection on this particular aspect of time, which is both common and complex. In these artists’ examination of these questions, the exhibition recognizes not only a capacity for analysis and construction linked to the aesthetic experience, but also a potential for subversion and resistance.

20181108 2 Zelli 1







Leila Zelli. Terrain de jeux (Playground)
Graduating Master’s student in Visual and Media Arts

Our view and grasp of images is shaped by our particular cultural preconceptions, knowledge, experiences and beliefs, which constitute a singular vision of the world. As a result, no image can ever be understood in one single way, as it is viewed through the kaleidoscope of human perception. And yet, every day, we see hundreds, if not thousands of images on TV, on the Internet, on social networks, in the street and in archives, and we take for granted that our view of them is “accurate”. Some of these quotidian images, representing situations of war, are replayed here in installation form, asking us to question our view of “other” and “elsewhere”.

March 8 April 13, 2019
Opening: Thursday, March 7, 5:30 pm

Salle des maquettes
Curator: Anne Philippon

20181108 3 Salledesmaquettes Lavoie 1







The exhibition Salle des maquettes brings together works from the UQAM Art Collection that reflect the modelling of artistic practice. Manifested in various forms, this working process, a progression over time, can be identified by both the topics addressed and the conceptual methodology that supports its execution. Although models, sketches, preparatory drawings and notebooks are concrete examples that reveal the beginnings of a project, details and patterns that characterize the work also feature here. This study of the relationship between projects that serve as a springboard for other projects reveals research and reflection shared by several artists in the University’s collection.

Nans Bortuzzo. 5Ws
Graduating Master’s student in Visual and Media Arts, UQAM

20181108 4 Bortuzzo 1








Our personal information is now disseminated on the Internet, on social networks and in databases, and across borders. Our dependence on new technologies is resulting in the disappearance of our private sphere. The traces we leave on the Internet offer direct access to our most intimate thoughts. 5Ws is an attempt to reveal these traces from a digital archive containing the Internet queries and browsing history of more than half a million Americans. This data was recorded in 2016 without the users' knowledge and was anonymized before being published for research. The exhibition assembles a corpus of these queries encompassing personal realities. Both serious and frivolous, they bear witness to social issues and reflect the concerns of American society. By setting up a continuous play between past and present, individual and collective, Nans Bortuzzo raises broader questions on today’s America.

April 26 May 4, 2019
Opening: Thursday, April 25, 5:30 pm

Passage à découvert
Graduating students in the Bachelor's in Visual and Media Arts, UQAM

20181108 5 Passageadecouvert 1





Passage à découvert is an opportunity to discover the work of contemporary artists who will be the teachers of tomorrow in our museums, galleries and schools. The exhibition illustrates the creative energy, curiosity and freedom of these graduating students and demonstrates their professionalism as well as the enthusiasm generated by their projects. An annual event, this exhibition also highlights the richness and diversity of the programs offered by the School of Visual and Media Arts, which fosters multidisciplinary training.

May 17 June 20, 2019
Opening: Thursday, May 16, 5:30 pm

Over My Black Body
Curators: Eunice Bélidor and Anaïs Castro
Artists: Nakeya Brown, Stanley Février, Erika DeFreitas and Amartey Golding

20181108 6 OMBB DeFreitas 1 20181108 6 OMBB Golding 1

Over My Black Body is a collaborative project that was born through a sustained conversation between Eunice Bélidor and Anaïs Castro, as they observed the various ways in which the black body is codified in our contemporary societies. Through this ongoing dialogue, an exhibition was created to recognize the struggles against the control of the black body, to assert the rejection of the costumes imposed on it, and to denounce the impunity granted to institutionalized violence. Over My Black Body is an evolving project that will continue to take different forms and to reach different audiences. Its first iteration took place in Berlin in July 2018. At the Galerie de l’UQAM, the exhibition will encourage the public to reflect on the many codes that harm the black body in our society. Despite the political nature of the works, the artists still manage to celebrate black culture, in its North American and British manifestations, using cultural codes in a playful and provocative manner.

This exhibition is presented as part UQAM’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Maude Arès. J’aime être entourée de bacs d’eau qui s’évapore
Graduating Master’s student in Visual and Media Arts, UQAM

20181108 7 Ares 1







J’aime être entourée de bacs d’eau qui s’évapore portrays a tiny universe composed of fragmented, fragile materials. The installation consists of a large table on which is deposited a collection of anodyne found objects as well as a series of slender, delicate little sculptures. During the exhibition, Maude Arès will move these small objects in a play of balance and displacement. The sculptures will then be used as extensions allowing slow, risky manipulations of the displayed materials. Exploring breakage, crumbling, shrinking, union and entanglement, attention is focused on the relationships, movements and transformations of matter. The sculptures and interventions of the artist are in perpetual change, perceptible on different dimensional and temporal scales. By observing and listening attentively, we are able to note the details that comprise the totality of this miniature world. Through an exploration of precariousness and vulnerability, Maude Arès seeks to deploy the power of fragility.


The Painting Project. A Snapshot of Painting in Canada
Curator: Julie Bélisle

Until November 29, 2018

The Painting Project comprises nearly sixty works by as many artists. It takes stock of current painting practice in Canada, with extensive research and didactic resonance.

150 Years / 150 Works: Canadian Art as Historical Act
Curator: Josée Desforges

The project 150 Years / 150 Works: Canadian Art as Historical Act attempts to integrate art into Canadian history by interweaving works from the canon with unfamiliar discoveries, artistic events and visual anachronisms.

These virtual exhibitions are produced by Galerie de l’UQAM and displayed online as part of the Virtual Museum of Canada, an initiative of Canadian Heritage.

 The winter and spring 2019!! programming at Galerie de l'UQAM is realised with the support of:

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